Customer management

You can manage your customers' accounts via your trainer dashboard and view their nutritional plans and progress. The dashboard is your central point of contact for customer management. If you would like to plan or check your customer's diet, you can dial in to your customers directly from the dashboard with one click to take necessary or desired actions for your customers - creation and/or Adaptation of the nutrition plan, evaluation of the nutrition protocol, implementation of a nutritional analysis, etc. - to be carried out.

Coaching dashboard for customer management

Within the coaching dashboard you also have the option to check and manage the validity of your customer accounts. To do this, you can monitor the activation codes provided as part of your booked software license, which you use to activate your customers' access to your app.

Management of activation codes

In order to further simplify customer management for you as a coach, you can set up an automatic account extension for longer-term (nutrition) coaching. In this case, the customer account is automatically extended by a further 4 weeks 7 days before the expiry date by redeeming an activation code. If the end of the (nutrition) coaching is foreseeable, you can deactivate the automatic account extension again so that the customer account becomes invalid on the next expiry date and the customer loses access to the nutrition app.

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Customer management in the nutrition software

My customers

In the navigation point "My customers" you will see all the essential information about your customers that you have registered in the system (or who have registered themselves) to use the app.

In addition to basic information such as the name and email address of your customers, the overview also shows when your customers were registered. At the same time, you can see at a glance when your customers' access expires, i.e. until when your customers still have access to their app login.

Add new customer

The "Add new customer" button will take you to the registration page, where you can register your customers with their name, e-mail address, password and activation code. You can then log in to the customer to create the nutrition plans.

Login to the customer

Click on the “To login” button and use it to log in to your customers. This gives you the opportunity to manage your customers' settings, adjust nutrition plans and analyze eating behavior.

Extend plan

If you can see from the expiration date that one of your customers' access is about to expire, you should extend their access. To do this, click on "My codes", copy an activation code that has not yet been redeemed, then switch back to "My customers" and paste the code into the "Enter activation code" field. Then click on "Renew plan" to extend the customer's access for another 4 weeks.

If you have enough activation codes available, you can also carry out the renewal process several times in a row in order to activate the customer's access directly for a period longer than 4 weeks.

Automatic renewal of customer accounts

To make customer management as easy as possible, you can also activate the "automatic renewal" mode for your customer. If this option is activated, the system then automatically uses the oldest of your free, valid codes 7 days before the expiry date and extends the customer account by a further 4 weeks.

This makes sense for long-term coaching from 3 months. When the coaching is over, you simply turn off auto-renewal and your client's account will expire at the next point in time.

Ernährungs-Software für Personal Trainer, Ernährungsberater und Fitness Coaches - Dashboard zur Kundenübersicht

Customer Registration Process

Login to the trainer dashboard

To register a new client, log into your coach dashboard ( by entering your email address and password credentials. You will receive both as part of the setup of your nutrition app.

To register a new customer, click on "My Codes" and select a valid activation code from the overview. Copy the code and switch to "My customers". Click on the "Add new customer" button here to register the new customer in your app.

Specify access data for customers

In the first step, you enter the first name, last name and e-mail address of your customer using the "Register with mail" button. You also set an initial password that your customer can change at any time afterwards. You still have access to his login via your trainer dashboard to manage the customer account.

Enter activation code

In the second step, enter the confirmed activation code in the "Enter activation code" field. Confirm the entry by clicking on the "Redeem code" button. This enables your customers to access the app for 4 weeks.

Select start date

In the third step you select the start date of your customer. You can put this up to 2 weeks in the future. In that case, you have time to personalize the nutritional concept for your customers. Likewise, your customer has taken time to make the first purchase in advance for the coming days.

Regardless of the registration date, the activation code activates your customer's access for 4 weeks from the selected start date.

Confirm data protection and (optional) terms and conditions

In the fourth step, accept the data protection regulations and, if available, the general terms and conditions.

Complete registration

You complete the registration of your customer by clicking on the “Register and get started” button. If you now go back to your dashboard and refresh the page, you will find the newly registered customer in the "My customers" overview.

Alternatively, your customer can also register themselves. To do this, he only needs a valid activation code from you in order to be able to carry out the registration steps himself. If your customer has successfully registered themselves, you will find them in your "My customers" overview. You can use the "To login" button to access your customer's login and configure the nutritional concept for your customer.

My codes

Via the navigation point "My Codes" you can view all activation codes, both the free codes and the codes that have already been redeemed. As part of the usage license, Natty Gains will provide you with new activation codes every month, which you can use to activate your customers' access. After activation, your customers have their own login to the nutrition app and are provided with smart nutrition plans, recipes and shopping lists on a daily basis.

The following detailed information on the codes can be viewed:

Code ID

The code ID is an individual sequence of digits that can be used to identify the activation code in the system without any doubt.

Posted on

This column reflects the day the unlock code was provided by Natty Gains.

Date of Expiry

This information describes the date until when the activation code can be redeemed. After the date has expired, the code is invalid. The codes can generally be redeemed within the next 12 months from the time they are made available.

Unlock duration

As part of the license, you will be provided with an agreed amount of activation codes every month. The activation period is generally 4 weeks.

Redeemed on

This information shows you the date on which the respective activation code was redeemed. In other words: When was the customer first registered or when was his access extended?

Plan ID

With this individual sequence of digits you can see for which plan ID (for which customer) the respective code has been redeemed.


In this column you can see the e-mail address with which the customer for whom the activation code was redeemed is registered in the system.

Ernährungs-Software für Personal Trainer, Ernährungsberater und Fitness Coaches - Dashboard zur Kundenübersicht

All features and functions for customer management again clearly in the video.

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