Food tracking

Food tracking allows your customers full flexibility and can help your customers with a gradual change in diet. If your customers are overwhelmed with a rigid nutrition plan and cannot stick to it in everyday life, or if you as a coach would like to get an overview of the current nutritional situation at the beginning of your coaching, the "Food Tracking" software feature offers you.

Accurate food tracking

What does food tracking mean? If you translate the term into German, food tracking stands for "observing food" or "monitoring food". You count your calories and thereby determine your calorie and macronutrient balance by weighing the food eaten before eating and searching and digitally recording it via the food database.

Know what you eat to know what works

Tracking calorie intake can be a very useful tool in achieving a specific weight goal, since calorie intake and macronutrient balance play a crucial role in both fat loss and muscle gain. Too much, too little or the wrong distribution of nutrients is often eaten unconsciously. Food tracking helps uncover these weak points and track changes.

Ernährungsberater Software mit App für Ernährungscoaching - Ernährungspläne, Rezepte, Einkaufslisten - Trackingmodus

Food tracking in the nutrition software

The nutrition software can also be used by you and your customers as a food tracking app. You activate the food tracking mode by setting the tracking slider to "Yes" in the "Profile" tab in the plan settings.

In food tracking mode, your customer has the option of tracking their food manually. In this way, every ingredient and meal can be recorded and documented for you as a coach. The software then automatically determines the calorie and macronutrients and gives both you and your customer an important overview of the calorie intake.

Food tracking for more flexibility for your customers in their everyday nutrition

Tracking allows your customers more flexibility in recording their diet. If your customer does not manage to prepare a recipe and implement the nutrition plan in full, he/she can record the meals he/she has actually eaten and integrate them into the daily plan.

Food Tracking - Ernährungstagebuch / Ernährungsprotokoll führen

Evaluation of a nutrition log for you as a coach

In addition, as a coach, you can have your customers keep a nutrition log to determine and evaluate their current eating habits. This gives you a perfect basis for your further nutrition coaching, you can uncover unhealthy eating habits and gradually optimize your customers' diet and change it over the long term.

At the end of the week, you can also download the log as a PDF, just like the nutrition plans, and analyze your customers' diets.

The mode can be changed by clicking on "Tracking". This removes the nutritional values ​​of the respective meal from your customer's daily balance and they can enter their meal themselves instead.

For this purpose, the eaten food or product is first entered via a search mask. If the search is successful, the amount consumed is entered in the field provided. By clicking on the "+" button, the ingredient is then added to the meal.

The food tracking mode is based on 2 food databases:

  • Real Food database with over 15,000 natural, whole foods
  • Database for barcoded food with over 300,000 products
Food Tracking - Ernährungstagebuch / Ernährungsprotokoll führen

Create your own food entries in Food Tracking

In order to record a food or product whose entry you or your customers can neither find in the Real Food food database nor in the barcode product database, you can now create a new food or product in tracking mode using the "Create new entry" option be added to the database.

This entry is easily created with the appropriate name, unit and values ​​for calories and macronutrients.

The new entry is then available to your customers via the "Real Food" database and can be taken into account for nutrition planning. Note that the new entry can only be viewed by the user who created it.

Food Tracking - Ernährungstagebuch / Ernährungsprotokoll führen

Record and favorite your own meals

In order to be even more flexible in nutrition planning, you can use the food tracking mode to record and save your own meals. This allows them to be accessed quickly at a later point in time.

In our example, we record a meal with the following ingredients: 70 grams of basmati rice, a 60 gram tomato, a 120 gram pepper, 80 grams of chickpeas, 150 grams of broccoli, salt and pepper.

Once we have finished entering the ingredients, the meal can then be given a name - e.g. rice and vegetable pan - via the "Name meal" field and saved as a favorite.

The newly created meal can then be viewed in the favorites tab under "Meals". This gives you and your customers the opportunity to access these meals in the favorites list in the future and to integrate the entire meal with all the ingredients into the daily planning with just one click.

Food Tracking - Ernährungstagebuch / Ernährungsprotokoll führen

The food tracking functions of the nutrition software are shown again in the video.

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