Nutrition log

A nutrition log is the basis of many nutritional consultations in order to get an insight into the current eating habits of the customer as a nutritionist. Based on this, you can analyze the status quo and develop individual nutritional strategies for and with your customers. As part of nutrition coaching, you can provide recommendations for action and suggestions for improvement in order to optimize your customer's diet step by step.

Nutrition protocol as a database for individual advice

A food diary also supports your customers directly in reflecting on their eating habits. As a coach, you can use the protocol to make it clear what is already working well, where changes have taken place and where there is still room for improvement.

Realistic assessment of your own diet

The precise recording of the meals and drinks eaten over a certain period of time ensures that the customer deals more closely with the topic of nutrition and develops an awareness of his eating habits. Here, honesty and accuracy in the recording by your customer are an important prerequisite for the subsequent success of your individual, targeted nutritional advice. As soon as the customer becomes more aware of his eating behavior and develops a corresponding mindset, the foundation for a change in diet or diet optimization within the framework of nutritional advice has been laid.

Ernährungsprotokoll : Ernährungstagebuch - Food Tracking mit Lebensmittelsuche

Keep a nutrition log with the nutrition software

At the beginning of a nutrition coaching, you can also have your customer keep a nutrition log for a certain period of time in order to get an impression of his current nutritional situation. In order to obtain meaningful information, the food diary should be kept in as much detail as possible and over a period of 1 to 2 weeks.

This requires some discipline from your customer. As a rule, your customer records the time, the type and quantity of all food and drinks consumed during the day. Since individual foods, including quantities, are often quickly forgotten, it makes sense to record the foods directly during or immediately after the meal eaten. If your customer does not have this discipline, you can also have your customer keep a photo-based food diary. How to do this, see below.

In order for your customer to be able to keep a nutrition log, you proceed as follows:

  1. First, register your customer and set up your customer's account via your trainer dashboard and using the medical history form.
  2. Then activate the "Tracking" setting in the customer profile.
  3. Release the account for your customer by sharing the access data with them and giving them a brief introduction to the nutrition app.
  4. Let your customers keep their nutrition log via nutrition app.
  5. Look at your customer's profile and evaluate the food diary for the defined period.
  6. Based on the food diary, note down your results and recommendations for action.
  7. Make an appointment with the customer and share your findings with them.

Digital nutrition log

Registration of all food and drinks via food search

Gone are the days of food diaries kept in the same way, where your customer logs with paper and pen and you then have to re-enter the food log using a nutritional value calculation program. We are no friend of double work.

To ensure that your nutritional coaching is as efficient as possible, your customer digitally records their food and drinks directly with their personal account in the nutritional app. As a nutrition coach, you have access to the customer profile at all times and can evaluate the nutrition protocol at any time.

Two extensive food databases are available for recording the food:

  1. Real Food database with approx. 15,000 entries
  2. Barcode product database with approx. 300,000 entries

Using an intuitive food search, common foods can be found quickly and integrated into the daily plan with the amount eaten. The nutrition app also suggests conversion values ​​for units (e.g. 120 g = 1 banana).

Create your own food entries

If a food cannot be found in either the Real Food database or the barcode product database, you can also create your own new entry. Information required for this is the name of the food, the unit and nutritional values ​​for calories and macronutrients. More about this in the video.

In order to make the management of the diet and the handling of the nutrition app as easy as possible, regularly recurring foods and dishes can also be favorites. After just a few days or weeks, all food and dishes are stored in the personal database, so that creatures of habit can log their diet with just a few clicks.

Ernährungsprotokoll : Ernährungstagebuch - Lebensmittel suchen - Ernährungssuche für Ernährungsberater

Photo-based diet log

Recording of all food and drinks via photo upload

For those customers who don't want to be disciplined about tracking down food and beverages via food search, you can also offer the option of a photo-based food log. While exact gram information is required for the "normal" nutrition protocol, the photo-based nutrition protocol offers the advantage that your customer is not overwhelmed with the search for food and the weighing or estimation.

One photo and you're done!

Let your customers easily upload photos of the meals and drinks they eat, making it easy to document their diet. This means that manual entry of individual dishes is no longer necessary and a valid nutrition log is created with minimal effort, which you as a nutrition coach can evaluate. Large portion sizes, unhealthy snacks, a large part of the calorie intake in the evening after work - insights into the current status of nutrition can be seen at a glance and can be used as a basis for a consultation with the customer. All your customer has to do is take a picture of their food.

Ernährungsprotokoll : Ernährungstagebuch - Eigenes Foto hochladen - Ernährungssoftware für Ernährungsberater

Evaluation of the nutrition log

To evaluate the food log kept by your customer, do the following:

  1. Control the account of your customer whose nutrition log you want to evaluate.
  2. Select the period of time you want to analyze during the PDF download for nutrition planning.
  3. Generate the PDF document and evaluate the nutrition log in terms of calorie and nutrient intake, meal timing, eating habits, etc.
Ernährungsprotokoll : Ernährungstagebuch - Auswertung per PDF

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