Nutritional analysis

A nutritional value analysis gives you and your customer information about the current nutritional situation and identifies any nutrient deficiencies or undersupply. Nutritional analysis is an important procedure, especially in nutritional advice, which you can easily and digitally map with the nutritional software and app.

The prerequisite for this is that your customer logs his or her nutritional situation as precisely as possible over a certain period of time. The food log should include everything eaten and drunk throughout the day.

Nutrition protocol as the basis of the nutritional value analysis

Based on the nutrition log, you analyze the current status quo of your customer's diet and develop strategies to optimize eating behavior. All of this should ideally be done in close cooperation with the customer. In order for the analysis of the nutrition log to be optimally meaningful, it is of course necessary for the customer to enter all the foods precisely. Ideally, your customer should not forget or omit here so that the data is not falsified.

Accuracy of the source data is important

As a coach, you should make it clear to your customer that the success of your nutritional advice and the effectiveness of measures to improve nutrition only depend on an honest and, as a result, realistic database. This is the only way that the right conclusions can be drawn from the nutritional value analysis and the individual diet can be readjusted in a targeted and effective manner.

With the evaluation of a detailed nutrition log, the following conclusions can be drawn, for example:

  • Imbalanced distribution of calorie intake
  • Too many sweets / too much sugar
  • Low-fiber diet
  • Too little fruit and vegetables
  • Etc.
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Nutritional analysis in the nutrition software

The evaluation of the nutritional value analysis is possible with the nutritional software down to the smallest detail. The linked food databases provide nutritional values ​​for calories and macronutrients, but also for micronutrients and even amino acids, types of carbohydrates, fatty acids.

For you as a coach, this means that in the first step of your consultation, your customers can keep a digital nutrition log with the food tracking mode of the nutrition app. Based on this, you as a coach can have a summary of the days recorded in order to assess the nutritional situation and check the nutritional values ​​consumed.

The relevance of a nutritional analysis in practice

A nutritional analysis can make sense in the following cases:

  • Advising a customer who feels listless during the day and possibly eats too few nutrients
  • Advice to an athlete who wants to improve their performance by optimizing their nutrient intake
  • ...

How you as a consultant carry out a nutritional analysis with the nutrition software:

  1. Set up your customer's account.
  2. Switch to "Tracking" in the customer's profile.
  3. Release the account for your customer by sharing the access data with them.
  4. Let your customers keep a digital nutrition log via app for a certain period of time.
  5. Look at your client's profile and do the nutritional analysis by reading the food log.
  6. Make an appointment with the customer and share your findings with them.

Analysis of macronutrient supply

Valuable overview of any existing undersupply

Particularly interesting for athletes with a high training load and people with a stress-related unbalanced diet.

The supply situation with amino acids, carbohydrates and fatty acids can be determined in great detail.

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Analysis of micronutrient supply

Unlike macronutrients, micronutrients do not directly provide energy. Nevertheless, they fulfill many other functions in the body. They are jointly responsible for the growth of cells and the renewal of skin, bones, muscles and blood cells. Because the body either cannot produce micronutrients at all or only insufficiently from other nutrients, they must be ingested regularly and in sufficient quantities through a healthy diet and are therefore considered essential micronutrients.

Note that the detailed views are only possible if your customer is tracking their diet with the Real Food database. Unfortunately, there is no information on ingredients for entries from the barcode database. You can also only create your own entries with calories and macronutrients. Therefore, be aware that once a food item has been added via the barcode database, the ad will not be viewable.

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