Personalized app

In addition to the nutrition software, we have developed a nutrition app for your customers. This allows your customers to access the content of your nutritional advice, such as nutrition plans, recipes, meals or shopping lists, directly on their mobile phone via an app icon with your logo. We would like to support you with the nutrition software as best as possible in your nutrition coaching. This not only means that you can speed up your work processes many times over with the software. This also means that your client receives useful tools from you in your coaching, which ensure that goals are achieved faster and more efficiently. The nutrition app that we set up for you, which is personalized for you and your coaching brand, is ideal for this.

Your nutrition app with your own logo and colors

With your own nutrition app, where your logo is displayed as an app icon on your customer's mobile phone screen, your colors and photos are displayed in the application and your logo is placed on the PDF documents, you set yourself apart from the competition and give your customer a significant added value.

App icon of your nutrition app on the customer's cell phone

There is no better customer care and customer loyalty than always being present directly on your customers' mobile phones. In this way, they always have your nutritional advice at hand, whether in the supermarket, in the event of spontaneous invitations to eat or when there are changes to the daily routine. By presenting a clearly formulated support concept with app support, it will also be much easier for you to win new customers for your coaching. Because your clients will love it when they know what to expect from coaching. So if you briefly present the nutritional software during your initial consultation and use it to explain your coaching concept, this significantly increases your chances of getting a deal.

Personalisierte App mit eigenem Logo und eigenen Farben

Nutrition app in nutrition software

A nutrition app personalized to your coaching brand with your own logo and colors is an element to base your entire nutrition coaching on and set you apart from the competition.

Fast availability, flexible customization options, easy operation and a good user experience - these are the great advantages when your customers can control their own login with just one click on the app icon via their mobile phone. If your customer first has to boot up the PC, load the page in the browser and then log in, the hurdle is huge and the dropout rate is high.

We want to make it as easy as possible for your customers so that using your nutrition app is intuitive and implementing nutrition is fun.

The optimal onboarding for your nutrition app

After you have set up the nutritional concept for your customer, you give them their personal access data - in a personal conversation, a video call or by e-mail - and discuss the nutritional concept that has been created with them. Then you explain to him how to set up the nutrition app as a shortcut on the cell phone.

With just a few clicks, your customers have saved your nutritional tool as an app icon on the mobile home screen.

Ernährungsapp - Ernährungssoftware mit Ernährungs-App für individuelles Ernährungscoaching : Ernährungsberatung - Onboarding

How your customers install your nutrition app on iOS (Apple)

  1. Open the Safari browser.
  2. Go to the website you want - the Nutrition Tool.
  3. Press the "Share" button, the little square with the arrow pointing up.
  4. Expand the menu. Here you will find the "Add to Home Screen" option.
  5. Choose a suitable title and look for a free position on the start screen.
Ernährungssoftware mit Ernährungsapp für individuelles Ernährungscoaching : Ernährungsberatung - Apple (iOS)

This is how your customers install your nutrition app on Android

  1. Open a browser app like Google Chrome.
  2. Navigate to the website you want to pin as a bookmark. Tap on the three dots in the top right.
  3. Select the "Add to Home Screen" option. Optionally, you can also first display the desktop version of the website.
  4. Tap Add to automatically place the website icon in an empty spot on the home screen, or hold your finger on the icon to choose a location yourself.
  5. Done, the link to the website is now arranged in the same way as your installed apps on the start screen.
Ernährungssoftware mit Ernährungsapp für individuelles Ernährungscoaching : Ernährungsberatung - Android

Nutrition plans as PDF with your own logo

The nutrition plans can also be downloaded as a PDF file. The ingenious thing here: The PDF is created in your design and contains your logo and a link to your website.

The nutrition plans are structured on a daily basis. Basically, the PDF consists of 2 pages on which up to 4 meals for one day are shown. Page 1 lists the meals with their respective recipes. The presentation of the recipes includes all information in detail, from the cooking time to the ingredients to the nutritional values. The preparation steps are explained on page 2. Below the recipes you will find the calorie target and the macronutrient distribution of the daily plan.

Personalisierte App mit eigenem Logo und eigenen Farben - PDF zu Ernährungsplan

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