Recipe database

The recipe database integrated in our nutrition software enables you as a coach to provide your customers with simple, tasty and healthy recipe ideas and at the same time give them inspiration for a balanced diet.

In the search for suitable meals when planning your diet, you will never despair again with the recipe database, but you will find the right solutions for every goal, every taste, every everyday life, every type of nutrition and every food intolerance.

Huge recipe database

And as part of the nutrition app, the recipe database also offers your customers enormous added value. Included are hundreds of recipes for every possible diet and food preference. Here everyone will find their suitable and, above all, delicious recipes, which can also be individually adapted if necessary.

Find suitable recipes with various filter settings

With detailed filter settings such as a macronutrient filter, protein-rich or low-carb recipes can be identified directly. Even fixing a micronutrient deficiency becomes easy by simply searching for, for example, iron-rich recipes.

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Recipe database in the nutrition software

Personalized recipe database

On the "Recipes" page you will find an extensive database with over 1,000 simple, delicious and healthy recipes. From here it is possible to integrate each recipe into the existing nutrition plans. So you can easily plan your customer's diet in advance.

The recipe database also provides enormous added value for customers who do not prioritize the implementation of nutritional plans. The recipe platform provides inspiration en masse for your customers. So if your customers are about to order fast food again due to a lack of cooking ideas, you can quickly find a healthy and delicious alternative with the recipe database.

All recipes follow a specific nutritional philosophy: simple, delicious, natural and therefore healthy. When putting together the recipes and diet plans, we mostly rely on natural and unprocessed foods that you know what's in them.

The focus is on the "real food" approach. All the ingredients are easy to obtain - so your customers don't have to drive halfway across town and go to different supermarkets and online shops to be able to check off the shopping list completely.

Search recipes

Taking into account the diet set for the customer and the food intolerances, you will find all the recipes stored in the database here. This means: If your customer eats vegan food, for example, you will only find vegan recipes here.

You can integrate suitable recipes directly into the nutrition planning for your customers via the recipe database and "shortlist" them as favorites by clicking on the heart.

The recipe database also represents enormous added value for your coaching if the implementation of a specific nutrition plan is not the focus of your coaching, but rather you would like to give your customers inspiration for the kitchen with healthy, simple and delicious recipes from time to time.

Rezeptdatenbank - Filtersuche nach Rezepten

Filter recipe database by properties

You can choose from the following filters to search for suitable recipes:

  • keyword search
  • meal time
  • diet
  • preparation time
  • difficulty level
  • budget
  • calories
  • macronutrients
  • micronutrients
Rezeptdatenbank - Rezepte nach Eigenschaften suchen

Integrate the recipe into the plan

To add a recipe to your customer's meal plan, click the "Add recipe to plan" button. Select which day and meal you want to substitute the recipe for.

For effective nutrition planning, you have an overview of the respective nutritional values ​​of the recipes and can replace them with equal value.

Note that the software adapts the recipe to be integrated as best as possible in relation to the ingredient quantities if there is a large calorie difference, provided it is dynamically created in the recipe database.

By clicking on "Replace recipe" you integrate the new recipe into your customer's nutrition plan. If there is a difference of more than 100 calories, a warning appears that must be confirmed. Only then will the prescription be replaced.

Rezeptdatenbank - Ernährungsplaner

Filter recipe database by ingredients

Another option is to search for recipes by ingredients. This allows you to display all recipes that contain the activated food or foods. This feature is very interesting from your customer's point of view.

When the fridge is low on groceries, your customer can simply activate the groceries that are left. This way, leftovers can be used better. For example, to prepare a recipe with spelled flour, activate "Spelled flour", confirm the selection by clicking on "Show recipes" to find suitable recipes.

Favorite and view recipes

By clicking on the heart below a recipe, your customer can also create a favorites list for his recipes. Ask your customers to look around the recipe portal and to favor the recipes they like.

All of your customer's favorite recipes are listed under "Favorites". The next time you log in to your customer, you will see their food preferences based on the selection of favorites.

On this basis, you can design the recipe selection for your customer's nutrition plans more precisely according to their eating preferences.

Rezeptdatenbank - Favoritenlisten

Creating your own recipes as a coach in the dashboard

As a coach, you have the option of adding your own recipes to the trainer dashboard so that they are included in the recipe database. Please note that each recipe is checked by us for completeness, plausibility and accuracy before publication.

Own recipe database

All created recipes that you have submitted yourself are listed here. You can use the status to see the current status of the respective recipe.

In examination

"Under review" means that we are currently reviewing the submitted prescription with all data and information.


"Confirmed" means that the plausibility and quality check has been completed and the recipe can now be found in the database.

Add new recipe

As a coach, you can submit your own recipes to Natty Gains via the Trainer Dashboard. This is done via the dashboard in the "My Recipes" navigation point. By clicking on "Add new recipe" a mask opens and you can start entering the recipe.

After checking for plausibility and completeness, we release the recipe and add it to the database so that you can consider it in future nutrition plans.

Recipe Information

The following information is required:

  • recipe photo
  • recipe title
  • budget
  • difficulty level
  • preparation time in minutes
  • meal time
  • diet
  • ingredients including quantity
  • preparation
  • prescription submission guidelines

Please note that when submitting your recipes, the following guidelines must be observed so that the recipe can also be correctly added to the database:

  • Upload a professional 700x465px recipe photo that you own the copyright to. You are on the safe side with a self-made photo of a correspondingly good quality.
  • Fill out all required fields.
  • Only add recipes that seem reasonable and appropriate according to common understanding - popping a frozen pizza in the oven is not a recipe.

Guidelines when adding new foods

In order to ensure the quality of the Real Food food database and thus also the quality of the recipes, 3 important criteria must also be observed when adding new foods.

You can only add a new food if...

  • the food cannot be found in our database
  • the food is actually "real food" (please do not enter finished products, branded items, etc.)
  • all nutritional values ​​of the food are known.

Publishing process

Please understand that before the recipe is published, we check the newly created food, including nutritional information, in order to maintain our quality standards with regard to the food database and the Real Food recipes. We reserve the right to remove individual foods if they do not meet the criteria. We would then replace the food with a comparable alternative.

The same applies to the recipe photo, which should be based on the quality of the pictures in the current recipe database.

All features and functions of the recipe database of the nutritional software are shown again clearly in the video.

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