Nutrition software for your nutrition coaching

With the nutrition software from Natty Gains you simplify and digitalize your nutrition coaching and inspire your customers with your own nutrition app. Nutritional advice has never been so easy and efficient for you as a trainer, coach or consultant - and with the highest quality of advice down to the last detail. With the powerful nutrition software, you can now effectively expand and scale your nutrition coaching business. In this way, you can advise more customers and look after them even more intensively, so that not only do your customers successfully achieve their nutritional goals, but you as a coach or trainer can also successfully advance your business.

Personal Trainer Ernährungs-Software von Natty Gains

Features of the nutrition software

The nutritional software offers you a wealth of options to effectively get your customers to their goals with a clear structure in your nutritional coaching. Depending on your specific coaching approach and the needs of your customer, you can use the nutrition software including the app in different ways.

From the creation of personalized nutrition plans to the recipe database and shopping lists to food tracking based on extensive food databases: With the nutrition software, you as a nutritionist, fitness coach and personal trainer can simplify and optimize your work processes in nutrition coaching many times over.

Nutrition plans

Personalized nutrition plans for your customers form the basis of any nutritional consultation. They are based on the very individual goals, personal requirements and special needs of the customer.

However, the creation of these nutritional plans used to be extremely time-consuming and complex. Hours of searching for suitable recipes that had to be tailored to the individual requirements of the customers, such as special diets, intolerances or food exclusions. Nothing could be automated or quickly adjusted.

Natty Gains puts an end to it. Your nutritional advice is simplified enormously, making your business more efficient and at the same time increasing the quality of the advice thanks to the automatic consideration of the details. The nutrition software from Natty Gains automatically creates the right nutrition plans for your customers, is very easy to use and adapt and also gives you a detailed overview of the customers' eating habits.

Shopping lists

Anyone who eats according to individual and goal-oriented nutrition plans also needs the right aids and practical tools to successfully put their plans into practice. And that's where Natty Gains' grocery lists come in.

Automatically created, perfectly tailored to each customer's individual nutrition plan and arranged by food category, the shopping lists in the nutrition app take shopping to a new, digital level. If you prefer analogue, you can also generate and print out the lists as PDFs. Either way, shopping with Natty Gains not only becomes easier, but above all more targeted and efficient.

The shopping lists can be defined according to periods and recipes, generated automatically and contain everything the customer needs for their meals, no less, but above all no more. The lists can also be customized if, for example, the required ingredients are still available at home.

No annoying writing of lists, no forgetting ingredients and no impulse purchases if you stick to the shopping list, because in the supermarket the individual ingredients and groceries can simply be ticked off one after the other in the app. This allows for perfectly planned, efficient, sustainable and relaxed shopping.

Recipe database

Recipes are the heart of a nutrition plan. Our extensive recipe database contains over 1,000 recipes, all of which follow a specific nutritional philosophy: simple, delicious, natural and therefore healthy. When putting together the recipes and diet plans, we mostly rely on natural and unprocessed foods that you know what's in them. The focus is on the "real food" approach. All ingredients are easy to obtain, so your customer doesn't lose any time shopping and can concentrate on their goal.

When creating a nutrition plan, the appropriate recipes are automatically inserted into the plan from this database. As a nutritionist, however, you always have full control over your customer's plan, you can exchange recipes at any time or even add your own recipes. You have the option of finding alternative recipes in the recipe database and integrating them directly into the customer's nutritional plan. This allows you to plan your customer's diet even more precisely and individually.

You and your customers also have the option of favoring recipes. On this basis, you can design the recipe selection for your customer's nutrition plans even more precisely according to their eating preferences. This is how individual nutritional advice works.

Nutrition log

A nutrition log is the starting point for many nutritional consultations in order to get an insight into the current eating habits of the customer as a nutritionist. Based on this, you can analyze and evaluate the status quo and, based on this, develop individual nutritional strategies for and with your customers. As part of nutrition coaching, you can provide recommendations for action and suggestions for improvement in order to optimize your customer's diet step by step.

A food diary also supports your customers directly in reflecting on their eating habits. As a coach, you can use the protocol to make it clear to your client what is already working well, where changes have taken place and where there is still room for improvement.

Recording the meals and drinks eaten over a certain period of time ensures that the customer deals more with the topic of nutrition and develops an awareness. As soon as the customer becomes more aware of his eating behavior and develops a corresponding mindset, the foundation for a change in diet or diet optimization within the framework of nutritional advice has been laid.

Food tracking

With the food tracking feature, your customer has the option of tracking their food manually. In this way, every single ingredient and meal can be recorded and documented for you as a coach. The software automatically determines the calorie and macronutrients and gives both you and your customer the important overview of the calorie and nutrient intake. This makes your customers’ everyday nutrition transparent and at the same time flexible if they don’t manage to stick to the given plan. No meal is forgotten, everything remains in the overview of the nutrition plan and this can be readjusted accordingly.

With food tracking, you as a coach can also have your customers keep a nutritional log in order to determine and evaluate their current eating habits. This gives you a perfect basis for your further nutrition coaching, you can uncover unhealthy eating habits and gradually optimize your customers' diet and change it over the long term.

Nutritional analysis

A nutritional value analysis gives you and your customer information about the current nutritional situation and identifies any nutrient deficiencies or undersupply. Nutritional analysis is an important procedure, especially in nutritional advice, which you can easily and digitally map with the nutritional software and app.

Based on the nutrition log, you analyze the current status quo and develop strategies to optimize eating habits. All of this should ideally be done in close cooperation with the customer.

Medical history

With our anamnesis sheet, you can personalize the nutritional concept and nutritional planning of your customer. The details and information of your customer from the anamnesis form the basis of every individual nutritional consultation. Of course, this is based on the very individual goals, personal requirements and special needs and living conditions of your customers.

In the anamnesis sheet you record the basic goal of your customer and determine his calorie requirement. You can calculate this using the integrated calorie calculator. Or - if the calorie requirement is already known - you enter it yourself. You also have the option of freely determining the distribution of the macronutrients proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Based on the calculated calorie requirement, you now adapt your customer's nutritional concept to their eating habits, everyday life, budget, taste and other individual needs. Diets such as vegetarian, vegan or Paleo, intermittent fasting, food intolerances such as fructose, lactose, gluten, sucrose or histamine can be adjusted very easily.

With further queries about the maximum cooking time, the desired frequency of meals including eating times and a food exclusion, the nutritional concept can be perfectly tailored to the individual wishes, eating preferences and everyday routines of the customer. Afterwards, the personalized nutrition concept for your customer will be created fully automatically within a very short time, which you can also completely restructure as you wish.

Customer management

You can manage your customers' accounts via your trainer dashboard and view their nutritional plans and progress. The dashboard is basically your cockpit for managing your customers. If you want to plan or check your customer's diet, you can log in to your customers directly from the dashboard with one click to make necessary or desired changes for your customers.

You use the customer administration to create your customer's nutrition plan and you can make minor changes or major adjustments there at any time. You will also find the evaluation of the nutrition log here, you can carry out a nutritional analysis, and much more.

Within the trainer dashboard you also have the option of checking and managing the validity of your customer accounts. To do this, you can monitor the activation codes provided as part of your booked software license and activate your customers' access to your nutrition app.

In order to further simplify customer management for you as a coach, you can set up an automatic account extension for longer-term (nutrition) coaching. If the end of the (nutrition) coaching is foreseeable, you can simply deactivate the automatic account extension again.

Calorie calculator

As a nutritionist, imagine the following situation: You have met your customer and taken an anamnesis with him. Next, you determine his individual calorie requirement so that the desired goal is reached. This step is made easy with the built-in calorie calculator in Natty Gains nutrition software. As part of the digital anamnesis questionnaire, you quickly and intuitively answer the questions about body data, sleep, activity level at work and in your free time, as well as sport, and thus determine the calorie target for the customer.

Progress control

With the nutritional software from Natty Gains, your customer can record their weight daily in their personal app account. This allows you to clearly and digitally record the progress of your customer, e.g. weight loss in a weight loss goal, in a graphic chart. You can quickly recognize upswings and downswings in your customer and can take new measures if the development is not target-oriented and has not yet been successful.

And the weight diary with graphic statistics on their weight history is also a great tool for your customers to see day by day whether they are on the right track and are approaching their desired weight. This provides the extra portion of motivation!

Personalized app

The nutrition software is designed to simplify your nutrition coaching. This not only means that you can speed up all your work processes with the software many times over and save a lot of time. Above all, this means that your customer receives useful tools from you in your coaching, which ensure that goals are achieved faster and more efficiently.

With your own nutrition app, where your logo is displayed as an app icon on your customer's cell phone screen, your colors and photos are displayed in the application and your logo is placed on the PDF documents, you stand out from the competition and give significant added value for your customers.

Live Demo: Discover the new way of nutritional advice

Intuitive operation. Modern design. Smart features. Own branding.

With Natty Gains you get access to the most powerful nutrition software for coaches, nutritionists and fitness trainers as well as your own branded nutrition app for your clients. This allows you to provide nutritional advice for each individual customer super easily, in detail and efficiently, and to provide your customers with individual nutritional planning directly on their cell phones.

Dashboard for coaches and trainers

With the dashboard for coaches, trainers and consultants you have summarized all important information in one place. Manage all your customers, their nutritional data and their nutritional plans under "My customers". Create a customer profile for each customer, go through the anamnesis form for your customers and plan their diet, analyze their eating behavior and gain valuable conclusions for your next nutritional consultation. Under "My Codes" you can see the codes you have booked with us, how they are made available, how long they are used and how they are assigned to your customers. Create your own individual recipes under "My Recipes", which you can easily integrate into your customers' nutrition plans and manage your customer profile with us under "My Profile".

Nutrition app for customers

Give your customers - via their personal login - access to your own nutrition app. Your customers can view their individual nutrition plans, their wholesome recipes and meals, the tailor-made shopping lists and much more at any time, track their food and thus control their entire diet in a targeted manner.
You want to test all features? Then log directly into our demo accounts and convince yourself of Natty Gains.

Dashboard for coaches and trainers

Take a look around our example dashboard and click through the My Customers, My Codes, My Recipes and My Profile sections. This is how you organize your digital nutritional advice.

Nutrition app for customers

Go directly to the nutrition app view, go through the anamnesis form, look at the exemplary nutrition plan and click through the different areas, just like your customers would.

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