Nutrition Software FAQ

You may have questions about our nutrition software and app. That's why we've put together the answers to the most frequently asked questions under "Nutrition Software FAQ". If your question still remains unanswered, you are welcome to contact us directly - either via live chat, mail or telephone. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently asked questions and answers (nutrition software FAQ) for trainers, consultants and coaches


General questions about nutrition software and nutrition app

What does white label mean?

White label means that the nutrition app is made available to you as a coach in your look and feel. For this we create your very personal page (e.g. and integrate your logo, your color code and your individual photo header. Your own logo will also be placed on all PDFs - e.g. nutrition plans or shopping lists. In the run-up to the setup, we need the necessary files for this.

How can I use the nutrition app in my coaching?

We provide activation codes for your nutrition app every month, which you can use to give your customers access to the app for 4 weeks at a time. To make your customer management as easy as possible, you can also activate the "automatic renewal" mode for your customers. If this option is activated, the system then automatically uses one of your free, still valid codes on the expiry date and extends the customer accounts by a further 4 weeks.

How long does it take to set up my nutrition app?

As soon as all necessary files are available, we will get you ready to go within 3 working days.

Which files do you need to set up my nutrition app?

To get started, we need a signed user agreement from you, your logo as a PNG file and your desired color code (hex). If you wish, you can also email us a photo template for the header.

Can I also integrate the tool into my website?

Of course, you can integrate your personal subdomain into your existing website as you wish. As an extension, you can also integrate your subdomain via iFrame. We're happy to help!

Agreement and costs

What is the cost of using it?

You can find exact details in our price overview.

What does the White Label setup include?

The White Label Setup includes creating your personalized subdomain and customizing the layout to your color code.

How long is the contractual commitment?

The user agreement is valid for 12 months. You can terminate our agreement with a notice period of 3 months to the end of a contract year.

Are current software updates installed automatically?

As soon as we launch a new software feature, we will automatically import it into your version within 14 days.

What does the Marketing Kit contain?

Our marketing kit for the optimal marketing of your white label app contains 2 flyer templates and 6 social media templates (3 Instagram posts, 3 Instagram stories).

Do I get onboarding or training?

As soon as your nutrition app is ready to use, we will arrange a video call in which we will present the software and all functions to you again via split screen and answer any questions you may have.

Log in

How do I create a personalized nutrition concept for my customers?

In order to create a nutrition concept for your customers, you register your customers with their personal data and an activation code. Immediately after successfully redeeming the activation code, you coordinate the nutritional concept for your customers based on a questionnaire.

What plan settings can I set for my customers?

From the selection of goals and the calculation of calorie requirements to the preferred diet and the exclusion of individual foods, you can take a lot into account when creating nutrition plans. For more details, try our free demo account at

Password: Demouser

Can I view and adjust my clients' meal plans?

You have access to all of your customers' accounts via your trainer dashboard. This allows you to log in to your customers and plan their diet.

How do my customers log in?

Your customers log in via the login page with their stored e-mail address and their personal password.

Which app functions can my customers access?

Your customers can access all app functions to optimize their eating and shopping behavior in the long term. For more details see here:

Do my customers have access to their login via mobile phone?

The personal app login can of course be reached by your customers via mobile phone. The login page can also be saved as an app icon on the phone screen. Logging in is just a click away.

Can I also give my customers a PDF of the nutrition plans?

You can also only provide your customers with PDFs (with your logo) and use the app primarily to create nutrition plans. Whether and to what extent you release the login for your customers is up to you.

Activation Codes

How many customers can use my nutrition app per month?

We basically have three different license packages for you to choose from, which are largely based on the number of activation codes provided for you:

White Label Light = 5 Activation Codes
White Label Basic = 10 Activation Codes
White Label Pro = 30 Activation Codes

What can I imagine by activation codes?

With the activation codes we provide monthly, you register your customers as active users of your nutrition app and give them personal access to personalized nutrition plans, shopping lists, recipe ideas and much more.

How can I use the activation codes for my concept?

You alone decide how to use the activation codes. This allows you to make your existing support concept even more holistic, offer a new service or use activation codes for marketing and promotional purposes. You determine the intensity of care based on the app.

How do I redeem the activation codes?

The activation codes are redeemed when your customers register and when they extend their logins.

How do I bill my customers for the service (and the activation code)?

The billing with your customers runs entirely through you. Here you have 100% flexibility.

How long do I activate the customer login with an activation code?

The activation codes we provide monthly activate your customers' login for 4 weeks.

I look after my customers over a period longer than 4 weeks. Does a new activation code have to be redeemed every month?

At the end of the month you can redeem another activation code for your customers. The current settings are not lost. If you activate the automatic renewal mode, access is automatically extended by 4 weeks until you deactivate the mode again.

How long are the activation codes valid and can they be redeemed?

The activation codes are generally valid for 12 months from the time they are made available. Unused activation codes can therefore also be carried over to the following months.

Live Demo: Discover the new way of nutritional advice

Intuitive operation. Modern design. Smart features. Own branding.

With Natty Gains you get access to the most powerful nutrition software for coaches, nutritionists and fitness trainers as well as your own branded nutrition app for your clients. This allows you to provide nutritional advice for each individual customer super easily, in detail and efficiently, and to provide your customers with individual nutritional planning directly on their cell phones.

Dashboard for coaches and trainers

With the dashboard for coaches, trainers and consultants you have summarized all important information in one place. Manage all your customers, their nutritional data and their nutritional plans under "My customers". Create a customer profile for each customer, go through the anamnesis form for your customers and plan their diet, analyze their eating behavior and gain valuable conclusions for your next nutritional consultation. Under "My Codes" you can see the codes you have booked with us, how they are made available, how long they are used and how they are assigned to your customers. Create your own individual recipes under "My Recipes", which you can easily integrate into your customers' nutrition plans and manage your customer profile with us under "My Profile".

Nutrition app for customers

Give your customers - via their personal login - access to your own nutrition app. Your customers can view their individual nutrition plans, their wholesome recipes and meals, the tailor-made shopping lists and much more at any time, track their food and thus control their entire diet in a targeted manner.
You want to test all features? Then log directly into our demo accounts and convince yourself of Natty Gains.

Dashboard for coaches and trainers

Take a look around our example dashboard and click through the My Customers, My Codes, My Recipes and My Profile sections. This is how you organize your digital nutritional advice.

Nutrition app for customers

Go directly to the nutrition app view, go through the anamnesis form, look at the exemplary nutrition plan and click through the different areas, just like your customers would.

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