Nutritional advice marketing

How to make your nutritional advice a success with Natty Gains

Your business as an "independent" nutritionist, fitness trainer or health coach includes not only your main activity, professional advice, guidance and support for your customers, but also the marketing of your nutritional advice. The first question that arises here is what your coaching offer looks like and which consulting approach you use to advise your customers or want to advise them in the future. Depending on the scope and depth of your nutritional advice and the intensity of customer support, the nutritional software and nutritional app from Natty Gains can be integrated into your nutritional advice in completely different ways in order to generate the optimal benefit.

Scope of your nutritional advice

Various options for integrating the nutrition software and app

We, the minds behind Natty Gains, know the professional situation and the everyday "doing" of nutritionists, personal trainers, fitness and health coaches from our own experience and observation. We know how difficult it can be to get started in the consulting business and what hurdles can arise on the way to becoming a successful nutritionist. For this reason, in addition to developing the nutritional software and nutritional app, we also thought about their integration and use in various consulting concepts.

Nutritional advice simple and professional

Nothing slows down your success as a coach more than the time-consuming creation of complex, individual nutrition plans, according to the detailed specifications and wishes of your customer and the tedious and annoying research for the right recipes. Natty Gains finally puts an end to that.

Efficiency and effectiveness of your nutritional advice

No matter which care concept and which consulting approach you follow, you always have two advantages when using Natty Gains: the enormous efficiency in creating the nutrition plans and the effectiveness in the application. Whether personal intensive care on site, simple creation of individual nutrition plans as PDF or integration of the nutrition app as a digital tool on your customers' cell phones, Natty Gains gives you more and more time for advising and supporting more customers.

White Label Ernährungs-App für Personal Trainer - Digitale Ernährungsplanung und Online Ernährungsberatung / Ernährungscoaching per Software bei Natty Gains

How you as a coach can use the nutrition software for your nutritional advice:

Efficient nutritional advice when and where you want - Inspire your customers with your own nutrition app.

In the following, we have put together 3 coaching concepts for you, in which the nutritional software is integrated into the nutritional advice in different ways. It doesn't matter whether you offer intensive 1-to-1 advice, only create individual nutrition plans or want to provide your customers with your own nutrition app for their own use: The nutrition software and app can optimally support your work as a trainer, coach or coach in every conceivable coaching concept support consultants. Depending on the customer's wishes, intensity of support and customer budget, you can offer different support packages and make the prices of your coaching variable, always involving Natty Gains. The nutritional software can be built into any coaching concept in a modular manner and marketed flexibly.

Nutrition coaching on a 1 to 1 basis

In 1 to 1 nutrition coaching you look after your customers intensively and holistically. This means that you pick up the customer exactly where he is in terms of nutrition and health.

In personal discussions, you fully address their individual goals and needs, analyze the status quo in detail and, based on this, take over the nutrition planning for the customers. In weekly feedback meetings, you adjust the nutritional plan and respond flexibly to new circumstances.

Nutrition planner with shopping lists as PDF

Do you still create your customers' nutritional plans in the classic old-school way, by determining the calorie and macronutrient goals after an anamnesis interview and trying to fill this "basic framework" with your 10-20 standard recipes?

It's easier, faster, more accurate, more diverse: Create efficiently personalized nutrition plans for your customers with the nutrition software from Natty Gains. Generate varied weekly plans including shopping lists as a PDF and send the documents to your customers weekly (no customer contact with the digital nutrition app). With the digital nutrition planning tool, you can make basic work processes related to your nutrition planning super scalable, take care of more customers and increase your sales.

Nutrition app for your customers for their own use

Your coaching focus is not on nutrition and you still want to give your customers a structure for nutrition? Then set up the nutrition app for your customers and use the app as a digital nutrition coach.

Your customers receive their own login to personalized nutrition plans, shopping lists and a comprehensive recipe database and can thus plan and track their nutrition independently. Monthly feedback meetings round off your service as a coach, in which the past month is discussed and the direction for the future is set.

Market your nutritional advice professionally

Individual marketing kits for your coaching brand

In addition, we have thought about how we can help you with your own marketing. Because nothing is harder than to organize a constant and effective acquisition of new customers in addition to your actual work as a self-employed nutritionist. This is exactly where we come in with our ideas for integrating and marketing the nutrition software and nutrition app within your consulting approach.

The success of your customers is your success and thus indirectly also our success

Frankly speaking: neither we, nor you, nor your customers benefit if you buy a code package from us and then don't get the codes sold to your customers. We want you to be successful with your nutritional advice as a business in the long term, that your customers successfully achieve their goals with our nutritional software and your nutritional app and that we as Natty Gains are also sustainably successful in the market - a win-win-win situation, so to speak. Situation.

Even more POWER for your consulting business

Your marketing kit for instant success

We'll get your coaching horsepower on the road straight away: In addition to your personalized nutrition app with your personal branding, you'll receive a personalized marketing kit from us with which you can win your customers directly online.

Receive your personalized marketing kit for even more reach

We create the right social media designs for you to get you started in the nutritional advice business. Branded for you - with your logo, with your colors, with your slogans! From social media posts, animated Instagram stories and flyer templates to explanatory videos that get you in touch with your customers.

All-round carefree package with your own personal branding

Inspire your customers on all social media channels and convert your followers directly into customers - suitable for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. The marketing kit is included in the license packages from the BASIC license package.

Live Demo: Discover the new way of nutritional advice

Intuitive operation. Modern design. Smart features. Own branding.

With Natty Gains you get access to the most powerful nutrition software for coaches, nutritionists and fitness trainers as well as your own branded nutrition app for your clients. This allows you to provide nutritional advice for each individual customer super easily, in detail and efficiently, and to provide your customers with individual nutritional planning directly on their cell phones.

Dashboard for coaches and trainers

With the dashboard for coaches, trainers and consultants you have summarized all important information in one place. Manage all your customers, their nutritional data and their nutritional plans under "My customers". Create a customer profile for each customer, go through the anamnesis form for your customers and plan their diet, analyze their eating behavior and gain valuable conclusions for your next nutritional consultation. Under "My Codes" you can see the codes you have booked with us, how they are made available, how long they are used and how they are assigned to your customers. Create your own individual recipes under "My Recipes", which you can easily integrate into your customers' nutrition plans and manage your customer profile with us under "My Profile".

Nutrition app for customers

Give your customers - via their personal login - access to your own nutrition app. Your customers can view their individual nutrition plans, their wholesome recipes and meals, the tailor-made shopping lists and much more at any time, track their food and thus control their entire diet in a targeted manner.
You want to test all features? Then log directly into our demo accounts and convince yourself of Natty Gains.

Dashboard for coaches and trainers

Take a look around our example dashboard and click through the My Customers, My Codes, My Recipes and My Profile sections. This is how you organize your digital nutritional advice.

Nutrition app for customers

Go directly to the nutrition app view, go through the anamnesis form, look at the exemplary nutrition plan and click through the different areas, just like your customers would.

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